lucky at cards, unlucky in love

The idea is present in 1738 SWIFT Polite Conversation iii. 213 Well, Miss, you’ll have a sad Husband, you have such good Luck at Cards.

1866 T. W. ROBERTSON Society II. ii. ‘I’m always lucky at cards!’.. ‘Yes, I know an old proverb about that... Lucky at play, unlucky in—.’

a 1871 T. W. ROBERTSON Play (1889) III. ii. Unlucky in love, lucky at cards.

1941 P. CHEYNEY Trap for Bellamy iv. ‘Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.’.. I’m going to find out if the proverb’s true... What are they playing tonight?

1981 Oxford Mail 29 Aug. 5 Arthur and Hilda Cover have defied the old proverb by being lucky at cards and lucky in love.

2003 Times 1 Jan. 30 You had never believed the phrase ‘lucky in cards, unlucky in love’ until that night when you were the victim of a drive-by shooting from a jealous ex-girlfriend shortly after being dealt a full house.

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